Lost in Aggression "Simon Unravels" 1988 NJ psychedelic psychological Avant-garde punk rock

"Simon Unravels" by Lost in Aggression. This is from a 1988 Cassette titled "Something is wrong with Simon"
Rich Miller - Vocals, Lyrics, Bass guitar (Fender Precision)
Mad Lee - Guitar (Gibson Les Paul)
Rick Connolly - drums
Lost in Aggression was a punk avant-garde blues band from Long Branch NJ
We were active from 1984 to 1990 and played many legendary venues in NJ including The Brighton Bar, The Fast Lane, Stone Pony, Green Parrot, The Dirt Club and others. We shared the stage with artists such as Dirge, The X-men, Peter Kaukonen, Laughing Soup Dish, The Burnt, Porcelain Duckhead, Big Nurse, The Visigoths, and many others.

This track was recorded on a 4 track cassette at The Hot Dog House in Asbury Park NJ on Cookman and Main. It was a total firetrap where many area punk bands rehearsed. We shared a rehearsal room with Dirge for a couple of years. The photos are from 4 25 1987 at the Brighton Bar.
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